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About us

Dressmal is an online store focusing on Fashion Adult Clothing. We are dedicated to providing quality products to customers, We understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies sexy clothes, so we are always adding beautiful new styles to our collection and committed to providing more brands' products bring to our customers every day.


Follow us online to keep up to date with our latest collections, competitions, and collaborations and get set to fall in love with everything on Dressmal!

We believe that every woman has the right to own her sexy.


The mission of Dressmal is to empower women to accept their sensuality in its physical, mental, emotional, and healthful facets. We're going to normalize the conversation about sexual pleasures and sensual experiences of every body and to establish the role of lingerie in each woman’s personal story.


Unapologetically relish in the cravings of your body & mind. We're here to guide your journey to exploring every fantasy. Whether it's a sensual lingerie night with your partner, a sweat inducing workout while feeling your most confident, lounging in cozy pajamas or grabbing your most reliable everyday bra and panties to rock a fabulous outfit, Dressmal's got you covered.


Everybody. Own Your Sexy. Just more you need at